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Vestagen’s VESTEX® Protective Garments Awarded Exclusive Endorsement By American Hospital Association


—Validates Ability of Vestex Active Barrier Apparel to Protect Healthcare Workers and Patients by Reducing Bacteria on Clothing that Can Cause Hospital Acquired Infections—
—AHA Endorsement Based on Rigorous Due Diligence Process—

ORLANDO, FL – February 24, 2015 – Vestagen Technical Textiles, Inc., today announced that the American Hospital Association (AHA) has awarded its exclusive endorsement to Vestex® Active Barrier protective healthcare apparel. The endorsement is based on an extensive due diligence process that assessed Vestex’s ability to protect healthcare workers and reduce the bacteria on clothing that contribute to the risk of healthcare-acquired infections (HAI’s) in patients and hospital staff. Reducing HAI’s is an important goal of the AHA, public health agencies, hospital payers, and AHA member institutions.

“AHA’s data-driven endorsement is a powerful validation of Vestex’s ability to help protect healthcare workers, patients and the public by reducing potentially dangerous bacteria and contamination on clothing,” said Uncas “Ben” B. Favret III, president and CEO of Vestagen. “This endorsement provides confirmation to our distributors, partners and rapidly-growing customer base that the protective qualities engineered into Vestex fabrics will perform as promised in real life hospital settings. We view AHA’s endorsement as especially impactful due to their expertise, prestige and demanding, highly analytical due diligence assessments. Many companies are now rushing healthcare apparel to market claiming protective properties, but Vestex is the only one to have passed muster in a rigorous review process.”

Healthcare workers are at daily risk of exposure to dangerous pathogens and other contaminants, and they can unknowingly spread these contaminants to patients, other workers, family members and the public. Vestex garments are made from a new class of active barrier protective fabrics that are clinically proven to prevent or reduce the acquisition and retention of microbes and other contaminants. Vestex is engineered to have robust body fluid repellency and embedded antimicrobial properties, along with the enhanced breathability, exceptional durability, styling flexibility and affordability needed for everyday use.

“A new report from the Centers for Disease Control highlights the important gains hospitals have made in reducing the incidence of HAIs, but it also notes more action is needed,” said Anthony Burke, senior vice president of the AHA, and president and CEO of AHA Solutions, Inc. “Our endorsement of Vestex Active Barrier protective apparel is therefore especially timely. Worker clothing is widely recognized as a source of potential disease transmission in healthcare settings, and Vestex is the only protective apparel that has demonstrated the ability to reduce the spread of dangerous organisms in peer-reviewed clinical studies. Vestagen also makes it easy for healthcare workers to adopt its protective uniforms, by producing garments that are comfortable, durable, attractive and affordable. We look forward to supporting the company as it brings the benefits of its protective Vestex apparel to our member institutions nationwide.”

Mr. Favret added, “The rapid increase in awareness among healthcare workers and patients that clothing is a source of potential contamination is driving our commercialization strategy of working with strong channel partners to ensure that Vestex garments are widely available to our diverse customers. This exclusive endorsement by the AHA will be a powerful tool for our partners and distributors, by underscoring the importance of the safety issues we are addressing and providing high level, expert confirmation that Vestex is the one apparel option that helps protect healthcare workers and patients. The endorsement also gives us the opportunity to leverage the marketing expertise of the AHA’s subsidiary, AHA Solutions, Inc., to expedite our access to thousands of hospitals nationwide.”

Contaminated clothing is a known carrier of bacteria, and healthcare workers have the highest rate of illness of any occupation in the U.S. Contamination with difficult-to-treat organisms such as MRSA and c. difficile puts workers at risk and is responsible for many of the most serious hospital acquired infections. A peer-
reviewed published study confirmed that Vestex-protected nurse scrub uniforms (which utilized Vestex’s unique combination of a fluorine/silicon oxide body fluid repellent and an organosilicon quaternary ammonium antimicrobial) demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in MRSA of more than 99.99% compared to the non-protective scrub uniforms used in many hospitals today.

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About Vestagen and VESTEX®
Vestagen Technical Textiles develops and markets advanced performance textile products and technologies. Its VESTEX® active barrier technology is the first to combine fluid repellent, antimicrobial and breathability properties in one fabric for everyday protection from unanticipated fluid exposure and pathogen transmission. VESTEX is proven in a clinical setting to prevent or reduce the acquisition and retention of contaminants on clothing, reducing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) on the fabric by 99.99% compared to traditional uniforms. VESTEX is also comfortable, durable and affordable. Product lines, including lab coats, uniforms and patient apparel, are manufactured and sold directly by Vestagen, its retail partners and select distributors. VESTEX fabric is also available for use in garment production by approved licensees. For more information about Vestagen and VESTEX, visit

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