Vestagen Protective Technologies, Inc.’s patented cross-platform processes and technologies are the basis for VESTEX, the first in a new class of advanced active barrier fabrics incorporating technologies for everyday protection from unanticipated fluid exposure and microorganism transmission. It is the only daily-use fabric proven in a hospital setting to reduce harmful contaminants on garments.

vestex-logoVESTEX active barrier fabric incorporates powerful proprietary technologies – a highly repellent fluid barrier and a durable antimicrobial that has been shown to be effective against a broad spectrum of organisms. The result is a superior technology that also wicks moisture away from the body to ensure wearer comfort.

Vestagen’s fluid barrier technology creates a special structured surface that binds to individual fibers, resulting in a fabric that is highly repellent to body fluids, water, oil, dirt and dust. This high degree of repellency works synergistically with Vestagen’s antimicrobial technology, which has been shown to be effective against a broad spectrum of organisms in vitro and is based on a proprietary agent that has never been associated with microbial adaptation or resistance in more than 25 years of use. VESTEX acts to wick away moisture from the inside of the fabric, enabling evaporation and creating a cooling effect for wearers while accelerating drying.

Multiple studies have shown that contaminated clothing is an important conduit of bacteria to healthcare workers, which contributes to U.S. government data showing that they have among the highest rates of illness and injury of any occupation in the US. More than a dozen peer-reviewed studies document the contamination of clothing in healthcare facilities where there are patients infected with resistant organisms such as MRSA and C. difficile. These difficult-to-treat organisms put all who come in contact with them at risk.

VESTEX is proven in a clinical setting to reduce the acquisition and retention of contaminants on clothing—in a peer-reviewed published study in the Journal of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, researchers reported a statistically significant MRSA reduction of more than 99.99% on the VESTEX scrubs compared to standard uniforms. Importantly, this study also showed that the healthcare workers wearing VESTEX had lower levels of microbes present on their garments than on their hands.
VESTEX is also comfortable, durable and affordable. VESTEX is suitable for a variety of applications, including healthcare, public safety and athletic use.


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